KIQ 2.0 - Coming soon!

Hey Kickers!

Thanks for tuning in and we are glad to see that you are curious about our new scooter!

What’s new?

Well, first of al we have collected a lot of feedback from our first scooter. With its unique design, people seemed very impressed and they had a lot of fun with their first KIQ, although after a longer period of time, our riders start to realise that this isn’t the most suitable scooter for longer distances.


The KIQII will also be available in PRO version for riders who are looking for PERFORMANCE, meaning extra range, more power and extra comfort. Obviously this effect the price, but the die-hard riders out there it’s worth it.

What did we do?

We kept the function of having a removable battery, simply because our riders love the fact that they can leave their scooter downstairs and just bring the battery up to their apartment or office. Additionally the removable battery allows riders to buy an extra battery so they can extend their range!

A BIG improvement that we made, was moving away from the 8″ inch wheels with solid rubber tires. The only benefit was that this was punctureless, but offered absolutely no shock absorption. The KIQ II comes with an 8.5″ inch wheels, pneumatic (tubeless) tires and the KIQ II PRO is complemented with 10 inch wheels and inflated tires for extra comfort!

In terms of POWER, we bumped-up the motor from a 300W to  a 350W motor, so we can hit higher speeds in countries where this is permitted. The motor offers the regenerative breaking function, just as the KIQ’s earlier model.


Now-a-days Chinese batteries are advanced enough and are also used in the car industry. With that being said the KIQ II comes with a battery pack with 20 cells with 5.0Ah/36V batteries . Our KIQ II PRO is loaded with 6.4Ah/36V PANASONIC batteries giving a total of power of 230.4W


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