Why you should become a KIQ reseller

One of the reasons why we stepped in to the electric scooter market, is because we saw an opportunity. Unlike many other electric mobility brands, the old roots of the company where KIQ was born from are distribution. Most brands have a marketing background and are great at that, but because they are good at marketing, they lack the skills in distribution or customer service. Below the core focus of our company and the reasons why you should become a KIQ reseller!


If customers are happy, they are willing to share their joy through social media and with friends. Satisfied customers are also more likely to become loyal to our brand. We want to be 24/7 available online to support the customers who have bought a KIQ product.

the MARKETING of kiq

It is 2020 and any business that is not performing any digital marketing, will fall behind on competitors and lose out on sales. We are here to support our offline resellers, by raising awareness online, so we can redirect the traffic to the stores! Every single reseller will have visitors coming from our website, directly to their store so customers can learn and experience KIQ products.

kiq will always have STOCK

One of the biggest issues that resellers are facing is a distributor who is out of stock. We might be out of scooters, because of the highly trending market and the strong increase of sales, but we will never be out of spare-parts. Letting a customer wait for weeks is not our style . We have an online platform, where you can order any part, which should be delivered within 3 working days!


The roots of our company came from distribution, and marketing is what we are good at. Combine these two and you have a brand that is able to serve resellers directly without losing margin to distributors. Therefor we will ALWAYS be able to make our products more profitable, in comparison to than others.

Curious to see how our KIQ II PRO competes with other brands? Then have a look on: https://elektrische-steps.com/kopen/elektrische-steps/

Are you ready to sign-up as a KIQ reseller?

Joey explaning why you should become a KIQ reseller
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