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We are actively working on setting up financing for our customers, but some banks offer individual financing.

Absolutely! Bear in mind that there will be a difference in range. With the 5.0Ah battery, you should get 10km range and with the 6.4Ah battery you can reach approx. 15km range. 

*Please note, range is heavily influenced by weather conditions (temperature and weather) and weight of the rider. 

The maximum tire pressure depends on what type of tire you have and on your weight.

40-60kg – 2.2 bar / 31psi
70-90kg – 2.4 bar / 37psi

KIQ2: Tubeless tires
Easier to fix a puncture
Have to pump up the tires more frequently

KIQ2 Pro: Inner tube tires
Tire pressure is stable and doesn’t need much pumping.
When you have a punctured tire, it takes more time to replace the inner tube

Absolutely, please go to your local dealer to get them to change the controller settings.

The max. speed of your e-scooter is 26kmh or 16mph. We suggest you to contact your dealer and ask them to change it for you.

*Please note that the max. speed is heavily influenced by weather conditions (temperature & wind) and weight of the rider.

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