You know you’ve made it when you’re known by just one name or word; when a single spoken breath can trigger everything about you in the minds of the listener and it’s practically synonymous with your product. Ultimately, that’s what we want to reach with KIQ®.

The world is getting more and more crowded and the roads keep on getting busier. Commuting through the city has become quite the opposite, instead of moving we are stuck in traffic. People are getting agitated and impatient, so why keep following this path?

Together we can change the world by participating in innovative ways of living our daily lives. Whether it’s the way you eat or how you recycle your garbage, the key is progressing and improving the world that we live in.

our mission

Creating a community of electric kick scooter enthusiasts to push and accelerate the evolution of urban mobility, so that our daily commute to work, school and home can become more pleasant in an emission free environment.

We hope to build scooters from recycled materials in the future. Help change our future. Get your KIQ scooter today and join the revolution of urban mobility!

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